About us

Clean Plastic Solutions aims to be the World’s leading developer of circular plastic facilities

  • We are building an economically-viable global business focused on two objectives:
  1. Eliminating existing plastic contaminants from the environment
  2. Preventing future plastic contaminant streams from ever entering the environment.
  • Our team of project developers have experience spanning from environmental sciences, waste management, renewable energy and the petroleum industry.
  • ‍Functioning pyrolysis technology, such as Plastic Energy’s (http://plasticenergy.com/), allows us to bring these traditionally unrelated fields together and implement an innovative solution to plastic waste.

We are committed to changing the global attitude to plastic waste.


We have the capacity and successful history of executing energy projects across the world. As a result; we have access to a number of situations where our waste-to-fuel solution can be implemented.

Why CPS?

We are in the best position to solve the global plastics problem. It is a situation in need of the most advanced waste-to-fuel technology and a team with international experience in the energy industry to create value from plastics.